How We Saved the World from Rogue AI

Late last year we had the honor and pleasure to join researchers from Cambridge University’s Center for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) and researchers from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) in leading a Design Sprint workshop on an interesting problem: how to help decision makers in tech companies, governments, militaries, and NGOs … Read more

There’s No “Right Answer”

A few days ago, I released my interview with Dave Evans, the founder of the Life Design Lab at Stanford University, about designing a joyous life. There is too much wisdom in this one short interview to discuss it all here — about life and about product design — but I find myself going back … Read more

How to Run Semi-Remote, Hybrid Design Sprints

Covid-19 caught most of us unprepared, and we at Remake Labs perhaps more than most. I had spent at least a year prior telling everybody about the power of bringing people into one room for 5 days to solve large problems and test new ideas using a Design Sprint, and now — we couldn’t do that anymore. … Read more

De-Risking Early-Stage Investments With GV’s Design Sprint

I am a Product Designer, and through my agency Remake Labs – a kind of Head of Product for hire. What that means, broadly speaking, is that I am  in charge of identifying and distilling customer needs, researching the capabilities of competitors, creating product-market fit, prototyping and testing solutions to see what works, adapting to … Read more

Meet the Elevation Sprint

Design Sprints weren’t designed as a way to improve existing products, but to be the first week in the life of the product. And it is structured that way: expert interviews are relatively open-ended, sketches start from a blank slate, and there is no place for user feedback, analytics, or feature requests to feature. (Unless … Read more

Why Boring People Are Bad at Strategy

Boring people are not born boring. They are trained to become conformist by a system that fears change, that pushes towards the mainstream, that teaches one to fear judgement, avoid experimentation, await permission, and value approval over real impact. In their book Creative Confidence, legendary designers Tom and David Kelley, founders of IDEO, argue that … Read more

Does This Business Tool Spark Joy?

If you’ve been awake for the past year, you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese home-organizing guru, and her hit Netflix show Tidying Up which features her KonMari method of organization. There’s a good reason why Marie and her method are a hit. In episode after episode she walks into messy, disorganized, heavy American homes … Read more

Designing a Better Morning Routine

I’ve always fantasized about  having a real grownup morning routine.  It started in college, many years ago, where I had lived with my first girlfriend in a messy apartment in Haifa. I can barely remember what my routine looked like in those days.  But I remember fantasizing about waking up in the morning, and slowly … Read more

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