Design Sprint Videos

Design Sprint Videos.

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How Was the Design Sprint Created?

Developed in Google and then in Google Ventures in over 150 projects by Product Designer Jake Knapp, Design Sprints are commonly used today at Lego, Airbnb, Facebook, and other market leaders.

Weekly Activities

A Sprint is a 1-week hackathon which includes Design Thinking exercises to ensure alignment and human-centered design. It also includes a whole day of user testing with the prototype, to accelerate learning.


On Monday, we’ll interview experts, define the design challenges we wish to focus on, identify our long term vision and the 3 assumptions we have to test with users during the last day of the sprint.


We’ll look at competitive solutions, inspirational designs, and generate as many ideas as possible – each sketching out our best idea in detail to show to the rest of the team.


We’ll go through a structured series of discussions and voting exercises, to end with a single model we wish to prototype.


We’ll spend a whole intense day prototyping a realistic (but fake) prototype designed to test our 3 core assumptions.


We’ll spend a whole day observing real users trying out the prototype,, interviewing them, and taking extensive notes that will be part of the final Sprint report on next steps.

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