6-Month Innovation Transformation Plan

6-Months Innovation Transformation Plan.

Join companies like Google, Lego, and others in transforming the organization’s approach to innovation, using the Design Sprint as a key component.

What is the 6-month Innovation Transformation plan?

Over six months, we’ll kick innovation within your business into gear, by training your team on the Design Sprint process, and running six Design Sprints side by side with your team, on six different products we’ll choose together. By the end, your company will have developed the tools and instincts for producing repeatable innovation in-house.


Challenge unhelpful beliefs, rigid structured, and unproductive defenses, by introducing Design Sprint workshops as a disruptive tool that gives everyone a voice and a stake in the outcome.


Learn from the world’s greatest experts on Design Sprint, and benefit from years of experience and hundreds of sprints run all over the world. Give the certification and the knowledge.


We provide the expertise, contacts, mindset, and ongoing support to help  your team through  this transformation, inspired by the Switch method of organizational transformation.

What is the the Innovation plan for?

5-Day Design Sprints were embraced by Google, Airbnb, Slack, Lego, and others because they provide incredible ROI, quickly – and provide a repeatable way to innovate and develop an innovation pipeline.

Designing New Products​

Solving Big Problems

Testing New Ideas

Achieving Alignment

Creating an Innovation Strategy

Repeatable Innovation

Adapting to KPIs

Learning from Users

Creating Momentum

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