How to Run Semi-Remote, Hybrid Design Sprints

Covid-19 caught most of us unprepared, and we at Remake Labs perhaps more than most. I had spent at least a year prior telling everybody about the power of bringing people into one room for 5 days to solve large problems and test new ideas using a Design Sprint, and now — we couldn’t do that anymore. … Read more

De-Risking Early-Stage Investments With GV’s Design Sprint

I am a Product Designer, and through my agency Remake Labs – a kind of Head of Product for hire. What that means, broadly speaking, is that I am  in charge of identifying and distilling customer needs, researching the capabilities of competitors, creating product-market fit, prototyping and testing solutions to see what works, adapting to … Read more

Meet the Elevation Sprint

Design Sprints weren’t designed as a way to improve existing products, but to be the first week in the life of the product. And it is structured that way: expert interviews are relatively open-ended, sketches start from a blank slate, and there is no place for user feedback, analytics, or feature requests to feature. (Unless … Read more

Design Sprint Tips #001: Taking Care of Your Poor Prototypers

In a 5-day sprint, no one’s job is more stressful and more seemingly impossible than the prototyper. When we run a Sprint, we usually employ a product researcher (before the sprint), an experienced Sprint facilitator who is also an experienced product/UX lead (that’s me usually), and a prototyper – which usually means an experienced visual … Read more

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