Design Sprint Training: Facilitator Bootcamp

Design Sprint Training: Facilitator Bootcamp

Bring Design Sprints to your organization by learning to facilitate and run them.

We’ve all heard words like Lean or Agile when it comes to startups building their first product. But how lean can you get?

Jake Knapp and the other design partners at Google Ventures have an answer: if you change your mindset from a Minimal Viable Product to a Minimal Viable Prototype, you can figure out exactly what you need to build in just 5 days

Try the process used today at Google, Twitter, Slack, Netflix, Lego, Salesforce, and many other companies around the world!

No more long and frustrating design processes that never end, no more building features in a vacuum. Instead, this simple recipe takes you step by step from definition, to idea generation, convergence, prototyping, and finally testing. Without cutting corners or skipping essential steps!

This intensive 2-day bootcamp, is a complete runthrough of the Sprint process, and will teach you and your team how to run a great Design Sprint by simulating a sped-up version of one. 

Along the way, you’ll learn some of the best power-tips for Sprint facilitation, gained over years of Sprint facilitation experience. We’ll also share our internal templates for running a sprint, including our Sprint Preparation Guide, our Design Sprint Deck, our Sprint Report, and additional templates that will make your organization a Sprint-ready innovation machine!

Key Elements.

  • How a Design Sprint allows 3-10 people to solve big problems and test new product ideas together

  • How to Be Leaner than Lean: Learn before Building a Thing

  • How Sprints Bring Diverse Perspectives Together, to Create Something Bigger Than the Sum of its Parts

  • How Sprints Enable Validation, User Testing, and Greater Certainty


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