De-Risking Early-Stage Investments With GV’s Design Sprint

I am a Product Designer, and through my agency Remake Labs – a kind of Head of Product for hire. What that means, broadly speaking, is that I am  in charge of identifying and distilling customer needs, researching the capabilities of competitors, creating product-market fit, prototyping and testing solutions to see what works, adapting to … Read more

Why Boring People Are Bad at Strategy

Boring people are not born boring. They are trained to become conformist by a system that fears change, that pushes towards the mainstream, that teaches one to fear judgement, avoid experimentation, await permission, and value approval over real impact. In their book Creative Confidence, legendary designers Tom and David Kelley, founders of IDEO, argue that … Read more

Working with Agencies: Don’t Be Another Failure

It’s hard for me to write anything that might sound anti-agency. While I spent two third of my professional life as a product lead in startups and big companies, I spent the last third working as a product designer and Head of Product at agencies, and some of the better ones. I’ve also been a … Read more

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